How to Create an Online Data Entry Form that can Perform CRUD Operations on Google Sheets

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Google Apps Scripts has introduced to increase the power of your favorite Google apps. So, by using Google Apps Script with Google Apps, you can build various types of custom solutions to boost your collaboration and productivity.
In this example, I explained to you how to build an Online Data Entry Form that can Perform CRUD Operations on Google Sheets. Where I used Google Sheets APIs with Google Apps Script HTML service. I have added most of the form elements that required to build most of the forms used in your day to day works. So, you can expand this form to meet your requirements even if you do not have much knowledge of coding.

You can see the live form and the Data Sheet from the following links.
Live Form:
Data Sheet:

You can make copies of the Google Sheet and the Apps Script file described in the video from the following links.
Google Sheet:
Apps Script

If you cannot access the above URL due to the error “There are currently too many people viewing this file” please use the following URL, which is an exact copy of the above Apps Script file.

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  1. It's a great demonstration.
    Let me tell you what I face. I created a new field as you showed "street" it comes ok. But when I edit the data it is not showing what I previously provided. Just a black space we need to provide street address again

  2. It is really good to record data. I follow all yr steps and it works very well for data set up and transfer to worksheet in computer browsers. However, it cannot work in Chrome mobile when it deploy as web app not like you demo file. Can you advise?

  3. Creo que el codigo tiene problemas, intento hacer eso de muchas formas pero no me guarda ni me muestra la base de datos. Agradezco tu respuesta y me ayudes, Muchas gracias.

  4. great demo thanks for the effort, i tried to copy the code instead and changed the ID for the spreadsheetId and the sheetID to my sheet , but the problem is that still the script cant make any of the CRUD operations I don't know what's missing, any useful hint, please

  5. I like this a lot and was wondering if you or someone could help? I want to do the and thing however I want to perform a vlookup or something like that to autopopulaye the ID for the number given. In other words, each ID is associated with a number, Ex: #5 is associated with the id scmb5765. I want the Id to display when you put the number in just so I can confirm we entry the right info in. How do you integrate that into this?

  6. Thanks bro. I have subscribed to your channel. I ask permission to use one of your source code, I use it to make tutorials on my channel. I got the source code from your website which is entitled "How to create a web form to get data from Google Sheets". I will include your website link in the description column. I will delete the video if you don't give permission. Once again, thank you 🙂

  7. Muchas Gracias! Me Sirvió Mucho para aprender a hacer un Crud con Google App Script. ¿Quisiera preguntar como puedo filtrar la Tabla por pais que se seleccione? Mil gracias muy buen aporte!

  8. I cant copy script, i got the error "There are currently too many people viewing this file. Please try again later." Can u re upload script again? pls . Thanks

  9. Haw to works..
    تابع هذا الفيديو داش بورد لمتابعة اعمال المشاريع والمقاولات..

  10. Dear Team, Thanks for your Demonstration

    Kindly give a solution to include multiple selection drop down option and export selected data to google sheet with separators while click on submit in the above demonstration script

    looking your support….

  11. Thank you for this!, ive used it but the only issue I have is when the form inputs a number it attaches an Apostrophe infront of the number in google sheets. This breaks any formula using that field. What do i need to change on the code to make it just enter a number and not the Apostrophe + number?

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