How To Unlock Protected Excel Sheet without Password

You can use PassFab for Excel to remove protection from Excel workbook or sheet and recover forgotten opening password.
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Learn how to unlock excel sheet without knowing password for 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 excel version. If you forgot excel file password watch this simple trick to remove password. Easiest way for password recovery without any tool or software. Unprotected excel sheet without knowing the password

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  1. Worked for me. I unzipped the files completely as I had quite a few protected sheets, edited the XML in Notepad++ (which identifies the full XML entry), and saved it, recreated the zip and changed the file name. No password protection on reopen! Thank you.

  2. No this really worked. Thank you so so much. I had 30 sheets to edit, took quite some time but this is the only thing that worked after like 5 videos.

  3. if you want free software that recovers your lost excel password then just try eSoftTools excel password recovery software, because this app provides free demo pack for all user, in which recover initial 3 letters of the password.for 100% result you can check on it's official websites.
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  4. I have used exactly ur method . But if I do not apply password it easily opens in win rar . As I applied password and retried to open in winrar it is giving error. I have tried too many times . Please help . Plz plz plz

  5. i have only gotten 2 files named Encryptedinfo —- Encryptedpackage ….. one other folder named [6]Dataspaces with many different files and folders inside .
    any help here please .

  6. Assalamualaikum
    Sir mere excel mein aik issue ho raha hai k mein koi sheet bana k us ko teacher ko mail karti ho to wo as a pic jata hai,teacher us k formula check nahi karsaktien ,I guess so sheet protect ho k jati hai.jb k mene abhi onedrive ko log out kardiya hai.

  7. I have forgot my excel file password

    Any software for crack the password for Windows or Android plz help me
    open zip file show error file is damaged or corrupted.

    So, how to unprotectet Sheet?
    plz help me

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